Whether you wish to update an existing system, or develop a new system, we have the analytical skills and the tools to complete the task in the least hours and expense. Whether you need a few days of consultation, or an in-depth on-going relationship, SimTech will be happy to explore working with your company.Many smaller companies whose name, no doubt, would mean nothing to you, are users of SimTech Consulting. You need not be a multi-billion dollar, multi-national company to take advantage of our expertise. All receive the same level of enthusiasm.

Past clients for which services were rendered:

  • Crabtree & Evelyn. - Woodstock, CT
  • Radican Systems, Inc. - Warwick, RI
  • CommuniTies, Inc. - Cape Cod, MA
  • Gilbane Building Company - Providence, RI
  • Massachusetts Department of Education - Malden, MA
  • Massachusetts Department of Health - Boston, MA
  • Toray Plastics America - North Kingstown, RI
  • Kyran Research Associates - Newport, RI
  • Payroll Express - Somerset, MA
  • Westinghouse - Newport, RI
  • Northrop Grumman - Newport, RI
  • Tarnell, Inc. - Providence, RI
  • Interpay, Inc. - Mansfield, MA

Contact Information
Telephone 401-944-7646
Fax 401-944-7646 (CVF)
Cell 401-374-1379

Postal address:
21 Alden Street
Johnston, RI 02919

Electronic mail: ObscureMyEmail

Product Availablity

Google Play

In July of 2011, all of our products were made available on the Google play store. Customer satisfaction has been the key to success there. If you have a suggestion for an applications then let us know.


In March of 2012, our applications were adapted for the Amazon store distribution system, and Kindle version of all the applications were made available.

Barnes and Noble

October 2012, we started our relationship with the Barnes and Noble application store. Our applications were modified for the Nook family of devices. Note: B&N application store is no longer in operation.


Note: Confirm Phone or Tablet version prior to purchase


This application aids young children with animal recognition. When they touch any of the sixteen animal photos, the animal sound is played. The TEST button will randomly play one of the sixteen sounds and if they touch the animal applause is played.


This application is a aid for the game of BINGO. It will randomly pick balls and keep track of the numbers called. It has a display for what is required to win. It has a display of the current ball to call as well as the last ball called. It displays in landscape mode only.


This application was designed to show images of the local fish within the Rhode Island salt water area so they can be checked for minimum size requirements. The data is gathered from the State Of Rhode Island, Department of Environmental Management Site.


This is the game of reverse. You have to arrange a puzzle string from left to right in as few tries as possible. WARNING This game can get addictive.


The days of losing track of the score, outs, or inning is over. Made for when the game you're attending doesn't have a working scoreboard, but fun to just follow along for the do it yourself type. .Excellent for any type of Baseball game.

Event Countdown

Event countdown application with personal photo capabilities. You set the picture, caption and date of the event. The days, hours, minutes, and seconds are counted down.


This application allows for the input, review, and testing of information on electronic flashcards. The last test can be analyzed to display the missed answered. This provides a unique form of study without the expense of paper flashcards.


Tip calculator with breakdown by tip and personnel count.


This application is a scoreboard that can be used to keep track of scores, fouls, periods, and timeouts during a basketball game. All values are updateable with a tap. It has a subtract mode to aid with error correction.

Financial Calculator

An application that allows calculations on Investments, Loans, Annuity, and Mortgages. The following calculations are available.


This is the classic game of Nim. You can choose who goes first, and if taking the last object or avoiding the last object wins. The computer plays an excellent game.

Traffic Cam

This application can be used to display the Rhode Island Traffic Cameras images. It is designed to inform of traffic and snow conditions. It is very useful to gauge travel times in beach traffic.

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